A trip through Zürich

Two days ago I was informed by my partner that he no longer can get to that important business meeting with our new potential clients in Zürich due to some family urgent issues.
So, I was in a plane to Zürich thinking that as soon as I seal the deal I can go back home, I travel a lot due to our business but I am not really a fan of travelling alone. A few hours later, after a long day of discussions and paperwork I had my driver take me to my hotel.
I had no idea what to do with the time left until tomorrow night when I had my flight. I googled some things to do in Zürich, it seems to be an interesting city but I didn’t feel like going out by myself. So I end up on this escort site. Ok, I am clearly not myself after all the negotiations and the long flight. But, after taking a look at this Zürich escorts site, I realized that maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all to book one. After scrolling down through the girls’ profiles, I decided to go for it, after all, the worst that can happen is that the girl showing up at my hotel has nothing to do with the one from this picture, in which case I’ll just say a nice goodbye and just go to sleep.
Two hours later, I met Eve. She was not only as beautiful as in the pictures, but this witty girl surprised me with her sense of humour and her easy going personality. After a coffee at my hotel bar, 1hour later, she managed to get me feeling energized and in the mood for going out and explore Zürich’s nightlife. Went for some drinks at this bar Nietturm that had a great panoramic view of the city. While sipping from my glass and listening to her talking about the city’s nightlife I was thinking to myself how come until now, in all these years of travelling by myself, I didn’t think of trying the escort services.
Spent an incredible time with Eve dancing at the Mascotte till late at night and then the party continued until morning in my hotel room. We said goodbye the next day and flew back home feeling refreshingly well after both sealing a great deal for my company and having to spend an incredibly good time with a Zürich premium escort, which got me thinking that I will for sure repeat this experience in my next business travel. It’s a perfect way to mix business and to be able to enjoy to the maximum all the places I’m travelling to with no strings attached, just the perfect way to relax after some busy working days.

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